About B Group

B Group is one of the economic entities based in the United Arab Emirates to manage its operations and investments, primarily aimed at promoting the United Arab Emirates as a market leader and excellence. The Group, together with its partners, has achieved a number of tangible successes in establishing economic partnerships in and outside the country in various sectors that represent the focus of to group’s interest to support their orientation and investment vision.

B Group great stability, growth and strength lies in its flexibility to respond to changing market dynamics and the diversified nature of its activities. B Group vision is customer oriented and innovative. As a result, it can optimize its response to new opportunities and market developments, while meeting the highest international quality standards across all the Group’s operations.

Competitive advantages enjoyed by its customers are a fitting testament to the Group’s culture of quality and this is a cornerstone of the business on which long-term relationships are fostered. Partnership with B Group ensures association with a dynamic enterprise that enjoys a longstanding reputation for professionalism and an ethical approach to business.

We operate with strong values

B Group has a reputation for maintaining long-standing customer relationships based on honoring our commitments, standing behind our transactions and providing a professional service. These values are what have helped the company grow strong over the past 20 years. Our employees do business with responsibility and an entrepreneurial spirit, in a corporate culture that emphasizes local initiative. They reflect our IDEAS values of: Integrity, Diversity, Effort, Accountability and Service.

Our people are the backbone of our business

B Group’s industry leadership has been built on one thing: the strength of our people. We employ a diverse team with a common goal of helping our customers and suppliers develop timely and innovative solutions to the challenges they face.

Our investment in people and commitment to excellence and integrity ensure that we attract and retain the best and brightest workforce. Employees at all levels are encouraged to actively contribute ideas, giving B Group a strong entrepreneurial spirit and a solid foundation for being the best possible partner for our clients’ distribution and sourcing needs.

Group Investments

Since its inception, the Group focuses on investing in a number of sectors in which it has expertise and knowledge that have exceeded twenty years. These investments can be summarized as follows:

Financial and Banking sector

The Group invests in a number of companies and financial and banking institutions in varying proportions. It established with its partners the Gulf Bank in the Republic of the Sudan is one of the most important investments and the group intends to conduct a number of banking and financial investments especially in Egypt, Tunisia and Oman during the coming period.

Agricultural and Animal
Feed sector

The Group has adopted a policy of supporting and enhancing food security through its investment in this vital sector, it has launched a series of investments with the name of Gars under the slogan “Towards Food Security”. Gars Group is looking to join Food Security Companies Alliance in the United Arab Emirates. Thus, the investments of the group in this sector include a number of agricultural, animal and refrigeration stores in the United Arab Emirates. Zone One Company has been ISO Certified.